The Band

Mea - Vocals

Bio: Mea is the band's lead vocalist and Chief Goodtime Officer.  As well as dazzling with her vocals, Mea loves to get the crowd up on the floor dancing and interacting.  Mea's vocals range from heart-melting ballads, to spine-tingling dance songs - crowds love her energy.  Mea isn't satisfied until every person in the room is having a good time - and they always are!  As well as soul, dance and pop, Mea is an avid love of Soca, Reggae and Afro-Beats music.

Influences: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson.

Eddie - Guitars, Vocals

Bio: Eddie has been leading the Rockin' Soul Band for over 10 years.  Eddie's guitar adds the rhythm and color to the songs while his soloing has echoes of legends like Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page.  As well as bringing the sizzle to RSB's songs, Eddie is the band's Chief Sound Guy (he runs a successful karaoke and DJing business on the side) and could open his own store reselling speakers (he admits to being addicted to quality speakers).  Eddie has a deep love of soulful songs - and steps up to the mic to sing lead on a handful of classics.

Influences: Motown, Disco, Philadelphia Soul, AC/DC, Poison, KISS, Thin Lizzy. 

Strategy - Keys, Vocals

Bio: Rumor has it that Strategy has played in more musical groups than he's lived days on this planet.  Kidding (are we?).

When he's not uplifting his Church's gospel celebrations, he's finding the spiciest chords he can as part of jazz groups all over northern New Jersey.  

With a masterful ear for harmony, Strategy loves breaking down synth and horn lines to bring the songs to life.  He also jumps on the mic to sing lead on a few of the band's tunes. 

Influences: George Benson said "There are only two kinds of music: good and bad".  I love it all.

Craig - Drums, PERCUSSION

Bio:  Craig is one of those drummers that musicians love to play with.  He's got more pocket than a pair of khaki pants, and can play just about any musical style - from funk to jazz to latin grooves (sometimes all within the same song!)  

A drum teacher and Marching Band leader by day, Craig keeps busy in jazz bands by night and still has time to write his own gorgeous original grooves (seriously, you NEED to check out his Soundcloud.  Like, right now.)

Influences: Buddy Rich, Chico Hamilton, Billy Cobham, Clyde Stubblefield.

Nathan - Bass, Vocals

Bio: From Stoke-on-Trent, England (the childhood home of Motörhead's bass smashing singer Lemmy and Guns n' Roses guitarist Slash), Nathan had a mostly rock-based musical upbringing.  But, after discovering Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Bootsy Collins (Funkadelic, Bootsy's Rubber Band) as a teenager, Nathan got bitten by the funk and now loves to get down on 'the one', drive the groove and slap and pop his way over the neck.  He's also a hoarder of pedals and has more than any bass player needs.

Influences: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Parliament/Funkadelic, Jamiroquai, Free, The Who, Motown, Queen, The Beatles.

Tristan - Saxophone

Bio: A young and enthusiastic saxophonist, Tristan has played avidly from Newark to Philly (and everywhere in between) and every style from Gospel, to Jazz, to Reggae, to Punk (and everything in between).  With his unique style, Tristan brings some crunch and spice to every solo, with heavy Bebop and Blues influence.  When not playing live, you'll find him teaching, restoring vintage saxophones and designing new parts for the instrument.  Tristan is currently at Rutgers University pursuing a degree i Jazz, studying under some of the best in the world, including greats such as Kenny Davis, Victor Lewis, Conrad Herwig and Abraham Burton.

Influences: David Sanborn, Ronnie Cuber, Jeff Coffin, Bob Berg, BB King, Big Joe Turner, Weather Report, Snarky Puppy.